1.Why did you choose our service?
We chose VALL as we needed a realizable, trustworthy and affordable service provider to help us establish a K.K. company in Japan. We had very little to no knowledge and needed a reliable partner like VALL who could help give us guidance and advice on establishing a company in Japan.

2.How is was a good service for you?
Very efficient, with English support and Mr Sudo at VALL managed to do all the necessary paper work in a timely manner. We gave Mr Sudo a deadline and Mr Sudo did not disappoint. He was able to make the process go very smoothly.

3.Please write your recommend messages for our customers.
We highly recommend VALL services to anyone who is not familiar with Japanese laws and regulations for establishing a G.K or K.K. company in Japan. Mr Sudo was able to educate us step by step about the process and requirements from the Japanese Government. If you are looking for a speedy, accurate and attentive service to help you set up your company, then we very highly recommend VALL.


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